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Top Hungarian diplomat blasts NATO for plans to set up support mission for Ukraine

Peter Szijjarto noted that the situation in the Ukrainian conflict was deteriorating

BUDAPEST, July 9. /TASS/. In Ukraine, the situation on the ground continues to get worse, while new information reveals that the NATO summit will discuss the launch of a mission to provide military support to Kiev, said Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto, who is accompanying the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban to the NATO summit in Washington.

The top diplomat pointed out that Hungary saw participation in the event as a continuation of its peace mission, which included Orban’s recent visits to Kiev, Moscow and Beijing. "We will promote the following idea at the NATO summit: there is no solution on the battlefield. How is it possible that after two and a half years, this is still not clear? The draft decisions for the next three days show that they just don’t get it, as NATO plans to launch a mission to support Ukraine. We will stay on the sidelines: we won’t send weapons or troops [to Ukraine], and we will not take part in funding [the mission]," Szijjarto wrote on Facebook (prohibited in Russia due to its ownership by Meta, which is designated as extremist).

The Hungarian foreign minister noted that the situation in the Ukrainian conflict was deteriorating.

"We can see tragic events and deaths, including among children, and it’s heartbreaking. The situation will get worse. There is an increasing amount of weapons, the war propaganda is getting stronger and there is a serious risk of escalation. We have been warning about this for several weeks now. There is only one solution and one way to stop the wanton destruction and killings, only one way to save human lives and prevent even more horrible acts: a ceasefire and peace talks," the minister explained.

On July 9-11, Washington is hosting a NATO summit dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the 1949 signing of the North Atlantic Treaty.