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Regulation by Law documents and other documents of anti-corruption policy.

  1. Federal Law № 125-FZ dated 25.07.2006 «On ratification of Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention on Corruption  (ETS №173)»
  2. Presidential Decree of 01.04.2016 № 147 «On the National Anti-corruption Plan for 2016-2017 years»
  3. Federal Law № 273-FZ dated 25.12.2008 «On Combating Corruption»
  4. Federal Law № 40-FZ dated 08.03.2006 «On ratification of the Convention of United Nations against corruption»
  5. Government of the Russian Federation Decree № 613 dated 22.07.2013 «On providing information»
  6. Administrative Offenses Code of Russian Federation
  7. TASS Code of ethics and professional conduct for employees
  8. TASS Anti-corruption Policy
  9. TASS Conflict of Interest Policy


Feedback methods that can be used to message about corruption.

In order to implement anti-corruption measures carried out by TASS, to increase the effectiveness of preventive work on combating corruption and to ensure that TASS employees observe prohibitions, restrictions and form intolerance to corruption in TASS, write to this TASS e-mail address: