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Since 1904 TASS has been Russia’s leading news agency. For more than 113 years, TASS has ceaselessly strived to deliver the latest and most accurate news from around the world.


Trustworthiness is TASS’ key asset for which it has always been famous for, and this feature remains the news agency’s highest priority for all the products it delivers.

More than 5,000 corporate subscribers across Russia and the world are recipients of TASS products. Among them are 1,000 mass media organizations, 200 diplomatic missions, 250 financial companies and banks, and 200 industrial enterprises, research and educational organizations and libraries.

Efficiency. TASS has accumulated a wealth of experience throughout the course of its 113-year history. The agency's widespread network of correspondents, its modern means of distributing and storing information, along with a smooth-running system of cooperation between its editorial, reference and reporting departments, all enable TASS to provide fast and full coverage of all kinds of events shaping Russia and the world. 

TASS’ network of correspondents and contributors is unparalleled nationwide. The agency boasts a staff of 1,500, with 70 regional centers and offices in Russia, and 68 foreign bureaus in 63 countries.

The Reference Service is a unique information resource established in 1918 that contains some seven million documents and allows TASS to follow the news with a rich historical background at its fingertips in a matter of seconds.

Services. TASS delivers more than 100 news products covering political, economic, social, and cultural and sports events at home and around the globe, with non-stop news flow in Russian and English.

TASS Photo is the oldest news agency in Russia specializing in photo-reporting, delivering daily the latest images on major news stories and events in Russia (60-100 pictures).

The TASS photo archive contains Russia’s largest collection of historical photo records, which encompass several million images and negatives. Constantly updated with the latest news pictures, the collection’s historical images have recently been converted to digital format. Also, hundreds of thousands of fresh digital snapshots pour in every year.

TASS has a broad range of print-ready infographics on major topics from politics and economics to science, history, sports and even emergencies. In addition, it also has an up-to-date visualization of key news and events, data, survey results, along with maps, charts, diagrams and images – both in black-and-white and in color.

The TASS.COM/TASS.RU Internet site operates online around the clock containing hundreds of news items a day, along with dozens of photographs and video clips, and up-to-date infographics, in addition to customized content tailor-made to user requirements and regional specifics.

TASS-Audio is the agency’s latest project. It covers major news topics presented in audio format. Radio stations are the main consumers of this item.

TASS Research Centre’s mission is to study and analyze mainstream world developments in economics and social affairs.

Synergy. TASS maintains partnerships with more than 60 news agencies throughout the world. TASS leads the Russian National Committee of UNESCO’s International Program for the Development of Communication (IPDC) and is affiliated with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee and Russia’s Commission for UNESCO.

TASS is an active and authoritative member of the following world and regional media organizations:

  • The World Media Summit (WMS)
  • The News Agencies World Congress (NAWC)
  • The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA)
  • The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA)
  • The Black Sea Association of National News Agencies (BSANNA)
  • The council of chiefs of the CIS national news agencies (CIS Information Council) and The Association of National News Agencies of the CIS

The TASS multi-media press center is an advanced communication arena in the heart of Moscow. Every year it hosts some 300 events featuring high-ranking Russian officials, foreign heads of state, leaders of major political parties, international representatives from the world of arts and culture, scientists and sports personalities as well as managers of Russian and foreign business enterprises. The center has state-of-the-art equipment for telecasting and for online video linkups with cities across Russia and around the world. Guests can enjoy great Wi-Fi connection, a buffet room and cocktail lounge for parties and coffee breaks, parking, audio and video recording and photo services.

TASS press centers also operate in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

TASS is a media partner for high-profile conferences, forums and exhibitions nationwide and around the world.