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Putin commends Moscow authorities for well-coordinated work amid pandemic

Putin hopes Moscow residents will react with understanding to City Day without mass events

MOSCOW, September 5. /TASS/. All municipal services in Moscow acted quickly, efficiently and in a coordinated manner during the pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday at a special event dedicated to Moscow City Day.

"All services acted competently, in a coordinated manner and efficiently by and large," he said. Putin noted that everything necessary for treating those infected with COVID-19, preventing the disease, ensuring the city’s viability and safety of Moscow residents had been done in the Russian capital within a brief period time.

Vladimir Putin has expressed the hope that Moscow residents and guests of the Russian capital will react with understanding to City Day celebrated without any mass events due to coronavirus-related restrictions.

Speaking at a special event on the occasion on Saturday, Putin congratulated Moscow residents on City Day.

"Unfortunately, this year it is celebrated without any grandiose and traditional mass events. I am sure that Moscow residents and guests of our capital react to that with understanding. Those restrictions that we still have to comply with in no way downplay the enormous importance of this holiday not only for Moscow and its residents but for the entire country as well," he said.

Putin noted that Russia’s centuries-old history and the Russian statehood itself were inextricably linked with Moscow. "We, citizens of Russia, keenly feel this unity. We value and love our capital," he said.

The head of state described Moscow as a modern dynamic city filled with "the energy of new ideas and interesting, breakthrough solutions." "They are being translated into concrete deeds and achievements and, I want to emphasize that, they are transforming Moscow every year," he said.