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Russian experts to finish building Syria’s Northern Gas Processing Plant in 18 months

HOMS, December 20. /TASS/. Russian specialists have gotten the Southern Gas Processing Plant in Syria up and running again and are proceeding to reconstruct the northern one. Stroitransgaz will complete the construction of the Northern Gas Processing Plant near Raqqa in Syria in 18 months, the Russian company’s project director Vladimir Pozdnyshev told reporters on Wednesday.

"We started building the Northern Plant <...> in 2008. Construction was halted due to the hostilities in Syria. We are now ready to continue building this plant in order to honor the contractual commitments undertaken earlier. We plan to finish this job in roughly 18 months depending on the clean-up, which is currently being assessed," the senior manager said.

The Northern Plant’s completion percentage is 84%, Pozdnyshev said. Its design capacity is 3.4 mln cubic meters of gas per day. The capacity of the Southern Plant already built is 6.5 mln cubic meters of gas daily.