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Belgorod saboteurs plotted subversive act on railways transporting military convoys — FSB

The saboteurs explained their actions by their anti-Russia position

MOSCOW, April 27. /TASS/. Saboteurs detained in Belgorod plotted a subversive act on the railways that transport Russian military convoys, the detainees said during a questioning whose video was released by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on Wednesday.

"I examined the railways to make clear what rail tracks were used for transporting military convoys. I also studied the railroad design and the methods of knocking it out of operation," one of the apprehended saboteurs said.

The second detainee said that they plotted a series of subversive acts, "namely, damaging the railway tracks by way of unscrewing bolts and weakening protective support systems. "All these actions were intended to be made public through the spread of information in the Internet," he said.

The saboteurs explained their actions by their anti-Russia position. They said they had started to look for methods of opposing the Russian army since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. One of the detainees said that he was sending information on Russian military personnel to the Ukrainian ‘Mirotvorets’ website. "And we looked for ways to get in contact with the Ukrainian Security Service to coordinate our actions."

As the FSB press office reported earlier on Wednesday, two Russian sympathizers of Ukrainian Nazism were detained in Belgorod for plotting a subversive act on a transport infrastructure facility. Investigators have opened a criminal case under Part 1 of Article 30, Part 1 of Article 281 of Russia’s Criminal Code (‘Preparations for a Subversive Act’). If found guilty, the two face 10 to 15 years in prison.