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ISS orbiting below fragments of satellite destroyed in space tests — Russian top brass

According to the statement, the ISS is located 40-60 km lower than the fragments of the destroyed satellite

MOSCOW, November 16. /TASS/. Fragments of a satellite destroyed in tests carried out by Russia do not endanger the International Space Station (ISS) that is located 40-60 km lower, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

"Specialists of the Russian Defense Ministry used software for visualizing the space situation based on real data to simulate the movement of tracked and newly discovered space objects along with operational satellites and the International Space Station. The video images clearly indicate that the objects are moving along orbits with a different inclination in various planes. The ISS is located 40-60 km lower than the fragments of the destroyed satellite," the statement says.

The Russian space control system exercises continued orbital control with a forecast of the situation for each newly created space object, the ministry said.

"Since the time of their emergence, the fragments of the former satellite pose no threat to the ISS. The statements of alleged risks for the ISS are untrue," the statement reads.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported earlier on Tuesday that a defunct Russian satellite was successfully struck during tests. The satellite’s fragments were entered into the chief catalog of the Russian space control system and immediately placed under surveillance until they cease to exist, it said.