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Kiev’s attempts to drive Russian forces out of Kharkov Region will cost it dearly — Putin

The Russian president also said that Russia has no goal to approach Kharkov

HANOI, June 20. /TASS/. Ukrainian attempts to drive out Russian forces from the Kharkov Region at any price will cost Kiev very dearly, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters as he wrapped up his visit to Vietnam.

"In fact, this command [to act on the battlefield] 'at any cost' - I assure you that it’s the case, I know what I am talking about - if it is not based on realities, it will again cost the Ukrainian armed forces very dearly," he said.

He also said that Russia has no goal to approach Kharkov.

"This is, so to speak, a tactical area. And the enemy will try to present this as a strategic success if it succeeds," Putin said.

According to the president, it is hard to make any predictions when it comes to the battlefield.

"People there come under fire, suffer losses," he said. "So it is hard to say now, but this is my tentative assessment of the situation.".