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Shoigu reveals Ukrainian losses, speaks of Kiev’s failure on Dnieper, Navy development

Since the beginning of the month, Kiev has lost over 13.7 thousand men and some 1,800 units of arms and equipment

MOSCOW, November 21. /TASS/. The Ukrainian armed forces have lost over 13.7 thousand troops and close to 1,800 hardware units since the beginning of November, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at the board meeting of the ministry on Tuesday.

He also spoke about the failed attempt of the Kiev regime to carry out a landing operation in the Kherson direction, several-fold increase in arms supplies to the Russian forces and the development of the Navy.

TASS has summarized the key statements of the minister.

Special military operation

"The groupings of Russian troops continue successful active defense and firmly hold positions along the whole contact line and gradually improve their situation."

All attempts of the Ukrainian armed forces to carry out a landing operation in the Kherson direction have not been crowned with success. Due to preemptive and professional actions of our servicemen from marine and special operations units the Ukrainian troops sustain colossal losses.

Since the beginning of the month, Kiev has lost over 13.7 thousand men and some 1,800 units of arms and equipment. "Many Ukrainian servicemen realize the senselessness of attempts to break through our defense and surrender."

Arms supplies

The supplies of missile and artillery arms to the troops have increased 4.9 times since the beginning of the year, of armor - over three times, of unmanned aerial vehicles - 16 times, and destruction means - 12. The military begins to receive five times more long-range precision missiles. "Given the double figure of the financing of the arms procurement order against the basic parameters, the plan of this year will be fulfilled at least 98%."

Navy development

Since 2018, the Russian Navy has received over 130 warships, boats and supply vessels. By the end of the year, the fleet will receive three multirole submarines with Kalibr missiles, three small missile ships and a minesweeper.

The Emperor Alexander III strategic nuclear submarine built for the Pacific fleet is undergoing trials, as well as the Admiral Golovko frigate that will be armed with hypersonic Zircon missiles.

"The share of modern warships in the nuclear triad has reached 100% <…> The number of long-range precision weapon carriers will exceed <…> 40 units by the end of the year."

"Modern missile weapons have proved high efficiency in the special military operation. Over 270 missile strikes have been delivered and over 330 objects hit. This year the delivery of missiles to the Russian group of forces has increased more than three times."

The fleets and the Caspian flotilla have been re-subordinated directly to the Navy commander-in-chief. It will help more efficiently control them.

Training of students

Military training centers will open in all Russian regions. At present, nine higher educational establishments want to open them, including in the Lugansk People’s Republic. The total number of the centers will grow to 137.

"Civilian higher schools provide considerable support to achieving the goals of the special military operation. Close to 20 thousand students from over 400 institutes of the country participate in voluntary activities and humanitarian missions."

In particular, higher educational establishments have produced over a thousand unmanned aerial vehicles. Over 3.9 thousand Russian students took an academic leave to participate in the special military operation. Many of them have been awarded and promoted.

Russian institutes organized easy-term enrolment for children of participants in the special military operation. Over nine thousand people have been enrolled.