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‘Facts suggest otherwise’: Lavrov calls out Kiev for trying to hide anti-Russian policies

Russian foreign minister stressed that Russia had consistently laid bare schemes to mislead the world community

MOSCOW, May 17. /TASS/. Ukraine has denied its anti-Russian discriminatory policies, but the facts tell a different story, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday.

"The Kiev regime" says it has neither pursued Russophobic polices nor nurtured Nazism, but the facts suggest otherwise, Lavrov stressed, addressing the New Horizons educational marathon conference.

Russia has consistently laid bare schemes to mislead the world community, Lavrov said. Russia’s "strength" is in its people, who have not been brainwashed, he emphasized. "People here tend to use critical thinking, and have their own position". "Soft power" can be as dangerous as military force, he added.

"We have the capabilities to stand up for our values, our ideas, and approaches against the international community," Lavrov said. "We have answers to those false ideas and assertions the West has been promoting through soft power instruments".