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Russia’s new military buggy, Chaborz-6, rolled out in Chechnya’s Grozny

The vehicle is made entirely from Russian-made components

MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. The work presentation of Chaborz M-6, a high cross-country mobile tactical buggy, was held on Saturday in the Chechen capital Grozny, the region’s head Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his VKontakte page.

"On Saturday, a very important event took place, which is of great significance for special units of various Russian security and law-enforcement ministries and departments. A work presentation of an absolutely new combat vehicle for special-purpose units, Chaborz-6, was held," Kadyrov said.

The vehicle was designed by Russian Special Forces University (formerly the International Special Forces Training Center) and is made only from Russian-made components. It can be quickly adapted to a specific task and to be used for the transportation of troops and cargo, as an ambulance-evacuation vehicle or for combat.

"Designers will come up with several versions of engines and transmissions, which is very important in adopting the model for climatic conditions and mission goals," Kadyrov said. "Our vehicle outperforms its Israeli and US rivals in terms of price, cross-country ability and speed. I’m sure it will be in great demand at the combat vehicle market."

Kadyrov said an earlier version of the buggy, Chaborz M-3, was upgraded. The vehicle was tested in combat in Syria.