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National Guard to complete assigned missions both in Russia and abroad

The Russian National Guard was established by the president’s order on April 5, 2016

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. The Russian National Guard will be able to provide Russia’s security both within the country and abroad, the National Guard’s First Deputy Director Sergey Melikov said today.

"Under the president’s order, the National Guard forces will have, among other things, the possibility to complete tasks outside our country, unlike the Interior Forces. Such tasks may be assigned to the National Guard, which will mean responsibility not just for our state’s security, but for the peace of our citizens on distant borders, as the president put it, " Melikov said at a meeting with graduate officers.

"Together, we must set up a structure that will secure and keep our citizen’s peace and guarantee the constitutional rights of our people, as well as peace and stability in our country and across the world," Melikov stressed.

The Russian National Guard was established by the president’s order on April 5, 2016. It included the Interior Forces, the OMON special police units, special rapid response teams, private security groups, the Okhrana security service and the Interior Ministry’s Special Operations Center for Prompt Response and Aircraft.

In May, 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to approve the regulation on the territorial task unification of the Russian National Guard, according to which the National Guard will help to fight off aggression against Russia in cooperation with the Armed Forces and the FSB border authorities. The National Guard will keep public order, protect high-security objects and facilities, monitor for possible breaches of law regarding weapons trafficking and provide security for energy facilities.