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Share of top-notch radioelectronic warfare tools may reach 90% in Russian Army by 2020

Russia is increasing purchases of radioelectronic warfare instruments

KAZAN, September 24. /TASS/. The share of top-notch radioelectronic warfare tools in the Russian Armed Forces may reach 90% by 2020, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on Thursday as he took the floor at the 14th conference titled 'Russian Radioelectronics: New Challenges and Prospects'.

"In line with the priority tasks that were put forward by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces (these duties are vested in the Russian President under the Constitution TASS), the percentage of up-to-date technologies should be no less than 70%, and in we take the tools or radioelectronic warfare, it should be definitely above 70% or, to be more precise, closer to 80% to 90%," he said.

"We're increasing the purchases of radioelectronic warfare instruments from one year to another," Borisov said. "The current volume (of purchases) meets the requirements of the Armed Forces."

"A number of R&D projects have been completed successfully in the framework of the state program for armaments," he said. "We have at our disposal the instruments for ground-based electronic warfare, and the equipment for air-based warfare exist, too."

"Also, we have the instruments installable on ships," Borisov said. "They match world standards."