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Novel coronavirus death toll in China reaches 1,523

The number of those infected has exceeded 66,400

BEIJING, February 15. /TASS/. The death toll from the novel coronavirus outbreak in China has climbed to 1,523, 8,096 patients have recovered, while the number of those infected has exceeded 66,400, China’s National Health Commission reported on Saturday.

On Friday, it said that more than 63,800 people had been infected, 1,380 people died and 6,723 others recovered. According to updated statistics, the official coronavirus mortality rate in the country is 2.29%.

Hubei province ranks first in the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus, with more than 54,500 cases reported, 1,457 people have died and 4,774 patients have recovered. It is followed by Guangdong province (1,200 infected people), Henan and Zhejiang provinces, with about 1,100 coronavirus cases recorded in each of them.

In Beijing, as of Friday, the number of infected people stands at 372, 80 of them have been discharged from hospitals and three people have died. In Heilongjiang province bordering Russia, novel coronavirus pneumonia has claimed 11 lives, the number of infected people has reached 419, 47 of them have recovered.

According to the latest official statistics, more than 169,000 residents who had close contact with infected people are under medical supervision. There are more than 8,900 people in China suspected of having the infection, they have been quarantined.