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Actress Eva Green speaks out in favor of animal-free circuses

In Tim Burton’s latest movie, Dumbo, she played the role of a trapeze artist

MOSCOW, March 27. /TASS/. French actress Eva Green, performing one of the lead roles in the new film Dumbo directed by Tim Burton, is in favor of prohibiting animal performances in circuses.

"So I think it’s wonderful that the movie is standing up for animal-free circuses. We should only have humans, like Cirque du Soleil - such a wonderful, beautiful circus. This is magic! You want animals to be happy," the actress emphasized in an interview with TASS.

In American filmmaker Tim Burton’s latest movie, Dumbo, she played the role of a trapeze artist. "It’s such a great thing because it gives you the opportunity to explore different universes - you are an aerialist and you end up working with the most amazing circus performers, you learn the craft, which is amazing," she told TASS.

Dumbo directed by Tim Burton is a movie about a baby elephant with extremely large ears who can fly. Circus owner Max Medici (played by Danny DeVito) appoints two children (Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins) to take care of the baby elephant. However, Vandervere (Michael Keaton), a ruthless entrepreneur, takes a keen interest in the unique animal, seeking to use him in his own show.

The film will premiere in Russia on March 28, 2019.

Animal rights activists have repeatedly protested against the use of animals in circuses. In particular, in November 2018 activists staged a protest rally on the roof of Moscow’s Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. In addition, in 2016 Russia saw rallies and pickets by animal rights activists. Many of them stress that the use of animals in circus is banned practically throughout all of Europe, in most countries of South America and in about half of the states in the US.