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UAC to produce 36 MC-21 aircraft annually — CEO

According to Yuri Slyusar, the production level will be raised to 36 airplanes by 2025 and then should be doubled by 2027

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will produce 36 MC-21 airplanes per year by 2025, CEO Yuri Slyusar said at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"One of our key tasks, and this is also a process task, is to raise the production level to 36 airplanes by 2025 and then we should reach the level of 72 [aircraft] in two years," Slyusar said.

The airplane completed over 500 test flights to date, the executive said.

"As regards the MC-21, over 500 flights were made. The flight and bench test program is implemented. The wing, made of domestic composites, has recently passed one of its key tests," he noted.

The domestic market capacity for narrow-body long-distance aircraft will be about 600 airplanes per year over the next nine years and UAC expects to capture a significant share of this market, Slyusar said.

The MC-21 is a Russian medium-range passenger jet currently under development. There are two engine configurations available, and the version with PW140 engines is already undergoing certification tests.