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Russian latest corvette armed with Kalibr cruise missiles wraps up state trials

It was reported earlier that the missile corvette Ingushetia was set to join the Russian Navy in December this year

SEVASTOPOL, December 23. /TASS/. The Project 21631 cutting-edge missile corvette Ingushetia has successfully wrapped up state trials and is preparing for entering service with Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, the Fleet’s press office reported on Monday.

It was reported earlier that the missile corvette Ingushetia was set to join the Russian Navy in December this year.

"The crew of the Black Sea Fleet’s latest missile corvette Ingushetia has successfully completed the state trials. During the state tests in the Black Sea, the sailors conducted fire from the artillery system against sea, air and coastal targets and test-launched a mock-up of a Kalibr cruise missile from the missile system’s silo. The results of the tests did not reveal any problems in the operation of the ship’s armament," the press office said in a statement.

During the tests, the shipbuilders and the ship’s crew checked the reliability of the vessel’s propulsion unit, the steering system, auxiliary mechanisms, communications and navigation equipment and other shipborne systems and armament. The sailors together with the shipbuilders also assessed the ship’s seagoing performance, its controllability and stability, propulsion qualities and inertial properties.

"All the ship’s systems, mechanisms and armament confirmed the characteristics stated by the shipbuilders. The ceremonies to hoist the St. Andrew’s [Russian naval] flag and incorporate the small missile ship Ingushetia into the Black Sea Fleet are planned for late December this year," the statement reads.

In 2019, the Black Sea Fleet has already received five new ships and boats. "The delivery of 16 more combat ships and support vessels is planned for 2020, which will increase the share of modern ships and vessels to 70%," the press office stated.

The upgrade of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet started in 2014, the year when Crimea and Sevastopol reintegrated into Russia. Over this period, the Black Sea Fleet has received new submarines, ships, the latest coastal and air defense systems, and unique multirole aircraft. Former Black Sea Fleet Commander Alexander Moiseyev earlier said that the share of modern hardware might reach 70% already by the end of 2019.

The small missile ship Ingushetia has been built for the Black Sea Fleet and is the eighth Project 21631 ‘Buyan-M’ vessel. The new warship was floated out in June 2019.

Project 21631 Buyan-M-class small missile ships are outfitted with the latest artillery, missile, anti-saboteur, air defense and radio-technical armament, including the most advanced Kalibr-NK precision missile system designated to strike naval and coastal targets. Buyan-M warships are intended to defend and protect the state’s economic zone.