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Russia reports over 98,000 daily COVID-19 cases — crisis center

The number of fatalities also grew by 673 versus 665 a day earlier

MOSCOW, January 28. /TASS/. Russia’s COVID-19 case tally rose by 98,040 over the past day to 11,502,657, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported on Friday.

In relative terms, the growth rate reached 0.86%.

As many as 14,046 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized in Russia in the past day, 9.7% more than a day earlier. Meanwhile, in 60 regions the number of those hospitalized has increased, while in 23 regions the number has decreased, according to the crisis center.

Moscow daily cases

Moscow’s COVID-19 cases surged by 23,994 over the past day versus 26,586 a day earlier, reaching 2,283,416. The growth rate reached 1,1%.

Some 74 patients died of COVID-19 in the capital in the past day versus 72 deaths a day earlier, bringing the death toll to 38,734, the crisis center said.

As many as 5,323 patients recovered in Moscow in the past 24 hours, bringing the recoveries to 1,946,142.

Patients' deaths

Russia recorded 673 COVID-19 deaths over the past day versus 665 a day earlier, and the total death toll hit 329,443.

The average mortality rate remained at 2.86%, according to the crisis center.

Patients' recoveries 

Russia’s COVID-19 recoveries rose by 29,506 over the past day versus 29,754 a day earlier, reaching 10,159,197.

The share of patients discharged from hospitals has dropped to 88.3% of the total number of those infected.

The number of patients undergoing treatment rose to 1,014,017.