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Alrosa plans to sell most expensive diamond ever cut in Russia in fall

The diamond collection auction is scheduled for November 2017

MOSCOW, August 1. /TASS/. Alrosa plans to sell a Dynasty collection of five diamonds, including the 51.38 carat diamond of the same name, the most expensive among the ones ever cut in Russia, the Russian diamond miner said on Tuesday.

The starting price of the collection can be $10 mln, Alrosa President Sergei Ivanov said.

"In my opinion, according to current comparable prices, they [collection stones - TASS] can cost not less than $10 mln," Ivanov said.

The collection consists of five diamonds. Main Dynasty diamond with the Triple Excellent cut has a traditional round form with 57 edges. "It has no matches in the Russian history in terms of overall quality characteristics. This is the most clean and expensive diamond ever cut in our country, the pinnacle of Russia diamond cutters’ craftsmanship," Alrosa said.

The diamond collection auction is scheduled for November 2017 and will be held online on the corporate platform, Alrosa’s representative Pavel Vinikhin said.