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Moscow-Vorkuta direct flights due in March-April

The number of flights will depend on the demand

SYKTYVKAR, February, 25. /TASS/. Direct flights from Vorkuta (north from the Arctic Circle) to Moscow will be resumed in late March - early April, Komi’s authorities said.

In December, 2020, Vorkuta’s residents asked Komi’s Governor Vladimir Uiba to have resumed flights between the city and Moscow. The regional government passed the request to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"At the same time, we negotiated the flights between Vorkuta and Moscow with major airlines. Those were companies RusLine, Aeroflot, Utair and others," the regional Minister of Economic Development and Industry Elmira Akhmetova said.

"We hope the flights will resume in late March - early April, 2021, for the entire summer period," the ministry’s press service quoted her as saying. "The number of flights will depend on the demand. The RusLine Company will operate the flights."

Before the new route is launched, Vorkuta’s residents can get to Moscow via Syktyvkar only.

Vorkuta is a mono-industrial city in Komi, the fourth biggest city to the north from the Arctic Circle. The population is 74,000. About 7,000 people are employed with coal producing companies.