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Obama leads frozen Biden off stage — Republican Party

Former US President had to help Joe Biden to find the exit after his speech, said representatives of the National Committee

WASHINGTON, June 17. /TASS/. Former US President Barack Obama had to drag Joe Biden off the stage after his speech at a fundraiser for the incumbent head of state’s campaign in Los Angeles, the US Republican National Committee reported on its X page.

"Biden freezes before Obama grabs his arm and leads him off the stage," the committee said, captioning the video of the event. The video showed the former and current presidents saying goodbye to the audience from the stage. At one point, Biden froze and simply smiled before Obama took his hand and led him to the exit.

The event, attended by Hollywood stars including George Clooney and Julia Roberts, raised more than $30 million. Biden's campaign said the amount was a record.

Biden, who is 81 years old, often makes various caveats, verbal gaffes and strange actions in his public speeches. Republicans are using this in a partisan battle to question the head of state's mental and physical capacity to continue leading the United States.

The next presidential election in the United States will take place on November 5. Democrat Joe Biden, 81, and Republican Donald Trump, 77, have already secured official nominations from the two leading parties to run for head of state. Their nominations must be formally approved at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in July and August, respectively.