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US Navy says it detained ship delivering cargo for Houthis from Iran — TV

According to the Al-Hadath TV channel, "some 40 tonnes of fertilizers that can be used as explosives" were found on board the ship detained by the US Navy

TASS, January 23. The US Navy has stopped the ship from Iran, carrying cargo for the Houthi movement’s supporters, in the Arabian Sea, the Al-Hadath TV channel stated on Sunday.

According to the channel, some 40 tonnes of fertilizers that can be used as explosives were found on board the vessel detained by the US Navy.

The US Navy noted that the ship from Iran was intercepted while smuggling weapons to the Houthis. No data regarding the flag under which the ship was sailing have been reported yet.

Neither Iranian leadership nor the Houthi movement’s representatives commented on this issue so far.

A standoff between government forces and armed Houthi rebels has been ongoing in Yemen since August 2014. The confrontation entered into the most active phase following the Saudi Arabia-led coalition’s intervention in March 2015. Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh and Western countries constantly accuse Iran of supporting the Houthi movement, including the illicit supply of weapons.