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Putin says some people in his inner circle had light form of COVID after vaccination

The disease dissipated very quickly, no serious special medications had to be used, the president noted

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that some people in his inner circle have experienced the novel coronavirus infection after vaccination.

"People in my inner circle have been vaccinated, but regrettably fell ill. It was all over very quickly. No heavy special medications had to be used," he said in the annual program Direct Line with Vladimir Putin.

He remarked that some very well-known personalities were among those, who fell ill, although they had been vaccinated.

"Let me repeat, the illness is rather light. Some high-profile personalities fell ill after the vaccination. I will not disclose any names. After all, it's personal information. They are well-known to the whole country. Literally a week ago one of my colleagues fell ill. And yesterday he was fine and back to work," Putin said.