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Expert believes US bill on anti-Russian sanctions may trigger new Cold War

The US House of Representatives has approved a bill that tightens unilateral US sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea

MOSCOW, July 27. /TASS/. The draft law on the new sanctions against Russia adopted by the US House of Representatives will bring these countries back to the Cold War, Head of the Moscow State University’s Department for International Organizations and World Political Processes Andrey Sidorov said at a round table devoted to the effects of the anti-Russian sanctions bill.

"Until this time, the Russian leadership tried not to respond to the challenges thrown down first by the Obama administration and then retained by the Trump administration," the political expert said. "Trump has failed to repair the ties. The sanctions bill will, most probably, be approved, which will inevitably bring us to the Cold War."

"Russia hoped that Trump would try to fulfill his promises, but he didn’t do that and can’t do that, so the public opinion will demand that we retaliate and hold ground," the expert explained.

As he put it, "it is necessary to draw up a set of measures that will have minimal effect over our economy, but will be painful for the American one." Besides, as he put it, it is important for Russia to establish relations with its European partners in order to "build up a certain line of policy in relations with the US, so that it could continue developing projects, but be less subject to sanctions."

Still, according to the expert, there will be no violent confrontation like in the first Cold War. "Yet, we are in for an economic war," he concluded.

The US House of Representatives approved a bill that tightens unilateral US sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea on Tuesday. This document is to be studied by the Senate, and the upper house of the Congress is expected to adopt this bill that is widely supported by both the Democratic and the ruling Republican Parties.