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Ka-52 helicopter to be armed with new defense system

The helicopter may be also equipped with new armaments

KUBINKA /Moscow Region/, August 22. /TASS/. The reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 Alligator is to undergo upgrade to be equipped with a new defense system and, possibly, new armaments, the press-service of the holding company Helicopters of Russia (an affiliate of Rostec) said on Tuesday.

"The Alligator will be equipped with a new onboard defense complex, which will enhance protection from guided surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. In cooperation with the Defense Ministry and a number of other manufacturers the possibility is being considered of arming Ka-52 with new weapon systems," the company said.

The auxiliary power plant will be equipped with an extra generator, which will increase its reliability, the press-service said.

"The helicopter’s payload will be increased and tactical capabilities expanded. Corresponding amendments are being made to the designer documentation," the Helicopters of Russia said.

Earlier the company told TASS that the upgraded Ka-52 will have foldable airscrews. It will be possible to keep helicopters of that type in hangars.