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Russian troops use Gran, Kitolov guided projectiles in Ukraine — source

Aiming at the target of guided missiles is carried out using a laser designator-rangefinder, a TASS source said

MOSCOW, July 8. /TASS/. Along with Krasnopol guided artillery shells, the Russian armed forces are also using Gran precision-guided mortar projectiles and Kitolov laser-guided artillery shells during the special operation in Ukraine, a security source has told TASS.

"Krasnopol, Gran and Kitolov are our three main projectiles with guidance systems that are being used during the special operation in Ukraine," he said.

The projectiles are automatically homed on a target, illuminated by a laser designator.

"An optical laser seeker is installed on a drone, for example an Orlan-family drone. The drone points at a target, and a projectile hits it," the source said.