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Everything ready for first-ever Russian-Lao military exercise due on December 10-19

A total of 500 Russian and Lao servicemen will take part

KHABAROVSK, December 2. /TASS/. Preparations have been completed for the first ever Russian-Lao military exercise Laros 2019, to be held in Laos on December 10-19, the press service of the Eastern Military District has said.

A total of 500 Russian and Lao servicemen will participate. Russia will delegate tank crews from a mechanized infantry unit stationed in the Eastern Military District, the Transbaikal Region. The participating contingents will exchange experience of using combat equipment in forest, swampy and mountain terrain and practice the tactic of joint operations in the jungle.

For the period of the exercise the Lao military will provide T-72MS tanks, armored reconnaissance vehicles, machine guns and automatic rifles for the Russian troops.