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Detained IS terror cell suspects confess to making bombs — FSB

Russia’s Federal Security Service has detained members of a so-called sleeper cell of the Islamic State in Moscow, who planned to carry out terrorist attacks in some crowded places

MOSCOW, October 2. /TASS/. Members of a so-called sleeper cell of the Islamic State (IS, terror group, outlawed in Russia) have admitted they manufactured bombs packed with nails to act as shrapnel in order to maximize damage, according to a video featuring the suspected terrorists in custody as circulated by Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB.

The video that TASS got access to shows the searches, during which officers found an explosive device at a detainee’s apartment.

"Does that belong to you?" an FSB officer asked the perpetrator, who answered in the affirmative. The suspect agreed to surrender it voluntarily.

"What is it?" the officer asked. "Explosives," the suspect in custody replied. When asked by an FSB officer whether that was an explosive or a homemade bomb, the suspect said, "a bomb."

The video also featured the items, from which improvised explosive devices were made. To achieve maximum lethal damage, they were packed with nails. Judging by the video footage, the detainees worked at a Moscow construction site. When asked who made the bombs, the suspect said it was his accomplice, a construction worker, in addition to himself.

The FSB earlier reported that members of a clandestine IS cell had been taken into custody in the Moscow Region, thus thwarting terrorist attacks they had been planning to carry out in some crowded public areas.