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US obsessed with control of Ukraine, will yet face responsibility — veteran intel officer

Leonid Reshetnikov added that "it stems from Washington’s fixation on greatpowerness and globalism"

MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. The United States is obsessed with placing Ukraine under full control and turning it into an anti-Russian bridgehead but Washington will face responsibility for its actions, a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) veteran senior officer said in an open letter to CIA Director William Burns posted by TASS on Monday.

"As it appears, the fixation on control of Ukraine primarily exists in the White House. In turn, it stems from Washington’s fixation on greatpowerness and globalism," Lieutenant-General (retired) Leonid Reshetnikov said.

"Following these guidelines, the United States has begun to tear away this ill-fated post-Soviet republic from Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church, beef it up with Western weapons and instructors, de-Russify it and zombify it with nationalist propaganda," he pointed out.

"Let us speak frankly: the Russophobic clique in Kiev is the brainchild of Washington’s deliberate policy of turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian bridgehead in Europe and the United States will yet bear responsibility for that," the Russian general stressed.