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Russian servicemen win Military Rally contest at International Army Games

The team from Egypt, the sole foreign participant in the contest, finished second

MOSCOW, August 8. /TASS/. The Russian team has emerged as the winner of the Military Rally contest at the 2017 International Army Games, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Army General Dmitry Bulgakov said on Tuesday.

The team from Egypt, the sole foreign participant in the contest, finished second, the general said.

"The team of the Russian Armed Forces showed the best results at all the three stages of the Military Rally and deservedly became the contest’s winner. I did not expect anything else from our military drivers as these are the best representatives of this profession who have been selected in the toughest selection procedure across the country’s entire Armed Forces," the deputy defense minister said.

"The team of the Egyptian Armed Forces, which participated in the Military Rally for the first time and captured the second place, also demonstrated worthy performance. Both the Russian and Egyptian military drivers successfully coped with the difficult conditions of the cross country terrain on a 1,700 km track amid temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and a complex special section on the 280km Elista-Volgograd route," the deputy defense minister said.

Teams from Russia’s National Guard and the country’s defense enterprises also participated in the rally outside the competition’s framework to improve their skills. The best results among them were demonstrated by the Russian National Guard’s team, which won the bronze medal, the deputy defense minister said.

"The judging during the contest was absolutely unbiased because the panel of judges judged the actions of all the crews by analyzing the data received from registering equipment - unmanned aerial vehicles and the equipment of the GLONASS system," the Defense Ministry official said.