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Suspected coup plotters reached out to Russian officials — German prosecutor’s office

It was also pointed out that "the suspects began preparations that were stepped up no later than at the end of November 2021

BERLIN, December 7. /TASS/. The suspected organizers of a coup in Germany contacted Russian representatives but failed to find support, the German federal prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday.

According to the prosecution, the suspects considered a coup as a necessary step towards "changing the system at all levels."

"To achieve their goal, the organization planned to form a (military) interim government, which, according to the organization’s members, was to agree on a new state order in Germany with the victorious powers of World War II," the prosecution noted, adding that "the organization currently views Russia as the main contact point for related talks."

"Defendant Heinrich XIII PR contacted Russian representatives in Germany but there are no signs showing that the contact persons positively responded to his request," the office noted.

It was also pointed out that "the suspects began preparations that were stepped up no later than at the end of November 2021." "Those included planning to set up government-like agencies, purchase equipment, train members in shooting and recruit new members," the federal prosecutor’s office noted.

According to its statement, a council headed by Heinrich XIII PR is the group’s main body. "The council has a military wing, some of whose members used to serve in the Bundeswehr," the prosecutor’s office stressed. According to the office, this part of the group was supposed to seize power using weapons. In addition, the group’s members recruited new collaborators, purchased weapons and various equipment and created communication channels protected from interception, as well as IT bodies. "The organization’s recruitment efforts focused on Bundeswehr members and police officers," the office noted, adding that at least four meetings aimed at achieving the goal had taken place in the summer of 2022.

The German federal prosecutor’s office earlier stated that a coup attempt had been thwarted in the country. German intelligence agencies detained 25 suspected coup plotters, including a female Russian national named Vitalia B. who allegedly helped the suspects reach out to Russia’s representatives.