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Russian ambassador says Polish Foreign Ministry asked him to betray homeland

As Sergey Andreyev said, he has never faced such insolent and obnoxious behavior before

WARSAW, October 3. /TASS/. Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreyev said on Monday that the Polish Foreign Ministry solicited him to condemn the policy of the Russian authorities, pledging support.

"They said openly: 'You are serving the criminal regime of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, but if you wish to disassociate yourself from it, to condemn it, then here, in the free world, there are possibilities for this, and we are ready to support you’," the diplomat told Russian journalists following the visit to the ministry.

"Sort of recruiting tactic. This is the first time in my practice. I've never faced such insolent and obnoxious behavior before," Andreyev stressed.

According to the ambassador, the Polish Foreign Ministry is well aware of the staunch position of Russian diplomats. "The point was exactly that Russian diplomats in Poland have an opportunity, if they want to condemn their authorities, to do this at any time, and this will receive the support of the Polish authorities and the public," he said.