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Russia celebrates Navy Day with massive naval parade on Neva River

Over 3,500 personnel will also participate in Russia’s Main Naval Parade

ST. PETERSBURG, July 31. /TASS/. A massive naval parade involving cutting-edge combat ships and gunboats began on the Neva River in St. Petersburg to celebrate Russia’s Navy Day on July 31.

Russian President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin is reviewing the Main Naval Parade on the Neva River. The Russian leader traditionally reviews the naval parade that takes place on Russia’s Navy Day on the Neva River and makes the rounds along the parade formation of combat ships in the Kronshtadt roadstead aboard a presidential review boat. Upon opening the event, he delivers his congratulations to the sailors of the Russian Navy.

Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov reported to Putin about the readiness for the naval parade. Russia’s Main Naval Parade is running between the Annunciation and Trinity Bridges on the Neva River and in the inner harbor of the Kronshtadt naval fortress.

The Main Naval Parade includes the maritime, airborne and ground components to give a complete picture of the modern Russian Navy. In all, 47 combat ships, boats and submarines of Russia’s Northern, Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea Fleets are participating in the Main Naval Parade on the Neva River and in the Kronshtadt roadstead.

The airborne part of the parade involves over 40 naval aviation aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces. A quartet of Mi-8 military-transport helicopters will open the airborne part of the Main Naval Parade. They will be followed by groups of Ka-31R, Ka-29 and Ka-27M helicopters, two An-72 transport planes and Il-38N anti-submarine warfare aircraft. The fly-past will also include deck-based Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter jets, Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft, MiG-31 fighters, Su-24 bombers and Su-25 ground attack aircraft that will release fumes in the colors of the Russian national tricolor flag.

Over 3,500 personnel will also participate in Russia’s Main Naval Parade.

The tradition to hold the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg "to honor glorious victories of the Navy that made a substantial contribution to defending the Fatherland" emerged in 2017. The relevant decree was signed by President Putin. The first Main Naval Parade took place on the Neva River on July 30, 2017.

The parade formation on the Neva River comprises the missile corvettes Odintsovo and Zelyony Dol, the minesweepers Alexander Obukhov and Pavel Khenov, the anti-saboteur boats Nakhimovets, Yunarmeyets Tatarstana, P-468, P-471, the amphibious assault boat Ivan Pasko with a replica of the botik (small boat) of Tsar Peter the Great, the patrol boat Yevgeny Kolesnikov with a female crew and the missile boat Chuvashia. The parade lineup also includes two border guard boats of Russia’s Federal Security Service and two boats of the Emergencies Ministry.

The naval parade in the Kronshtadt roadstead includes the guard ship Yaroslav Mudry, the corvettes Stoiky and Soobrazitelny, the small missile ships Passat and Sovetsk, the small anti-submarine warfare ships Urengoi and Kazanets, the diesel-electric submarine Magadan and other vessels. The nuclear-powered submarines Severodvinsk and Vepr are participating in the parade’s static show.