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UN human rights report warns on growing violence in Ukraine

The report by the monitoring group of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights covers the period from 2 April to 6 May

GENEVA, May 16. /ITAR-TASS/. A new UN report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights monitoring team in Ukraine has pointed to the growing tendency of “violent confrontations” in the country. The report covers the period from 2 April to 6 May. It was released On May 16 in Ukraine’s Kiev and Geneva.

The report describes “an increasing tendency in some critical urban areas for rallies of opposing groups to be held simultaneously, often leading to violent confrontations.” The UN also notes that “in most cases, local police did nothing to prevent violence, while in some cases it openly cooperated with the attackers.”

As an example, the report describes mass fights that occurred in Severodonetsk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Kharkiv. The most tragic accident, the UN says, is May 2 incident in Odessa, when 48 died in clashes between football fans supported by Right Sector militants with federalization supporters. “The Government of Ukraine needs to carry out a prompt, transparent and comprehensive investigation into the violent events in Odessa,” the report recommends.