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Russian Embassy invites State Department to pay attention to human rights in U.S.

State Department spokesman keeps criticizing Russia for assumed human rights violations, the diplomatic mission said

WASHINGTON, August 12. /TASS/. The Russian Embassy in Washington suggested that the U.S. State Department should pay attention to the human rights situation in its own country instead of criticizing Moscow.

"State Department spokesman [Ned Price] keeps criticizing Russia for assumed human rights violations. Meanwhile, it is high time the US drew its attention to the internal situation," the diplomatic mission said in a statement on Twitter from Russian diplomats on Wednesday.

"Here are some guidelines," the Russian embassy added, attaching a link to the Russian Foreign Ministry's website, where the report "On the situation with human rights in certain countries" is posted, which also mentions the United States.

On Wednesday, Ned Price said at a regular press briefing that the US authorities are closely following developments regarding the new charges against Alexei Navalny. According to him, "this is just a continuation of a very disturbing pattern."

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the peremptory demands of a number of countries against Russia, as well as the campaign around the situation with Navalny in the media, are aimed exclusively at destabilizing the political situation in the country.