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Kiev may be plotting false flag operation involving spent nuclear fuel in Kharkov — source

It is reported that there are several nuclear reactors in Kharkov

MOSCOW, May 25. /TASS/. Kiev may be plotting to stage a false flag operation in which a spent nuclear fuel depot in Kharkov would be blown up so as to then pin the blame on Moscow, a source familiar with Ukrainian plans told TASS on Thursday.

"Given the Kiev regime’s lack of success on the battlefield in its confrontation with Russia, there is a high probability that they will attempt to stage yet another headline-making false flag. They may blow up a storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in Kharkov and afterwards accuse Moscow of bombing the nuclear facility," the source warned.

"Given the absence of any harsh response to Kiev’s terror attacks on Russian soil from the UN, the OSCE or other international organizations, it is entirely possible that the [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky regime will decide to carry out such an inhumane plan," he added. "Any such potential disaster could cause damage not only to eastern Ukraine, but also to Russia, Belarus, and EU countries," he maintained.

According to the source, there are several nuclear reactors in Kharkov. Therefore, the city in northeastern Ukraine could be quite a convenient location for Ukrainian neo-Nazis to commit what he said could be a heinous terrorist attack.