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Putin: advanced weaponry reaches 82% in Russia’s nuclear triad

The Russian army can guarantee the country’s security, which is especially important in the context of the global instability, according to the president

MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/. Advanced weaponry in Russia’s nuclear triad has reached 82%, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

"The share of modern armament in the nuclear triad has reached 82% and the latest Avangard strategic hypersonic missile system with the boost-glide vehicle has started to arrive for the Strategic Missile Force," Putin told a Defense Ministry expanded board meeting.

Putin called the Avangard system the weapon of the future capable of overcoming both existing and promising missile defenses.

Summing up the results of the Russian Armed Forces’ activity in 2019, the head of state said that many qualitative and systemic changes had taken place over that period.

Important steps were taken in improving inter-operability and communications, reconnaissance and electronic warfare systems, first of all, by way of introducing the latest technologies in data collection, transmittance and processing, the Russian president elaborated.

Putin recalled that a year ago he had spoken about the need to cut the time for decision-making at all the levels within the Armed Forces.

"The result has been achieved. The use of advanced technologies, integrated solutions and new algorithms has helped improve the characteristics and boost the capabilities of the Armed Forces’ command and control systems," the Russian president stressed, adding that weapons systems previously operational in the Aerospace Force, the Navy and other armed services and branches were being consistently replaced with new armament.

As Putin noted, the National Defense Control Center marked five years on December 19. In the president’s opinion, over this period the Center has become an effective instrument of command and control of the Army and the Navy and an important element of inter-agency interaction. Putin thanked all the Center’s staff and founders and wished them success in ensuring the country’s security.

Robots and drones

The Russian president noted that robots and drones increase the capability of Russian military units several-fold.

"Robotized systems and drones are being introduced actively and used in the process of combat training, which enhances the capabilities of military units several times," he stated.

Putin informed that all arms and services were receiving weapons and other military hardware based on IT technologies and artificial intelligence. He added that troops used the new equipment to regularly practice new skills in the process of exercises and snap checks of combat readiness to cope with complex unexpected tasks.

"The nuclear forces convincingly demonstrated growing capabilities at the Thunder 2019 exercise. The naval forces and strategic aviation successfully performed all tasks within the framework of the Ocean Shield exercise. At the Tsentr 2019 drills military contingents delegated by eight countries for the first time practiced joint anti-terrorist operations," Putin said.

Guaranteeing domestic security

According to the president, the Russian army can guarantee the country’s security, which is especially important in the context of the global instability.

"The general analysis of the condition of the armed forces demonstrates their full military capacity. All types of forces are able to fulfill their objectives and guarantee peace and security in Russia. This is crucial, taking into account the international situation and the existing risks," the Russian leader commented.

Russian military equipment must surpass foreign counterparts, because no chess draws are permissible in this respect, Putin continued. "If we wish to be able to win, the military equipment must be better than its foreign counterparts. It is not a game of chess where a draw may suit us sometimes. It is a matter of the military organization of the state," he claimed, adding that Russia was capable of achieving that and was already delivering results on key priorities.

"All components must be worked on," he concluded.

Outpacing other countries

Russia is outpacing other countries for the first time in history by the level of advanced weaponry, President Vladimir Putin told the meeting with the country’s top brass on Tuesday.

Neither the Soviet Union nor Russia ever "sought to create threats for other countries," Putin said.

The Soviet Union "was always catching up" with the United States in developing the atomic bomb, strategic aircraft and first intercontinental ballistic missiles, Putin noted.

"Today we have a unique situation in our new and newest history: they are catching up with us. No country in the world has any hypersonic weapons, all the more so, continental-range hypersonic weapons," the Russian president stressed.