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Iran calls on G7 not to link conflict in Ukraine to its relations with Russia

The spokesperson emphasized "Iran's unwavering commitment to human rights"

DUBAI, June 16. /TASS/. Any attempts to link the conflict in Ukraine to Iran’s cooperation with Russia are politically motivated, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said.

"As repeatedly stated, any attempt to link the Ukraine war to the bilateral cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia is an action driven solely by malicious political purposes," he said in a statement following the anti-Iranian statement by the Group of Seven leaders.

The spokesperson emphasized "Iran's unwavering commitment to human rights" and "noted that achieving the noble goals of human rights in the international arena is now facing significant challenges, the most immediate of which is the indifference and inaction of the G7 leaders towards the systematic killing and widespread massacre of Palestinians" by Israel.

He noted that a number of countries "continue their failed and ineffective policy of imposing and maintaining sanctions against the Iranian nation" and called on G7 to "distance itself from destructive past policies."

"Iran will act decisively in protecting and defending its national security and interests against any uncalculated behavior or actions," he stressed.

In their joint statement after the June 14 summit, the Group of Seven leaders called on Iran to refrain from helping Russia in its special military operation in Ukraine and warned about further sanctions otherwise. The G7 also warned Iran against malign actions that might destabilize the situation in the Middle East.

Moscow and Tehran have repeatedly refuted reports about supplies of Iranian weapons and technologies to Russia.