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Russian Arctic exhibition opens in central Moscow’s park

The Russian Arctic exhibition will open on September 29

MOSCOW, September 29. /TASS/. The Russian Arctic exhibition will open on September 29, at the exhibition hall of the Zaryadye Park in central Moscow. The exhibition is above international standards in its innovative content, First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov told reporters on Thursday.

"The exhibition is made at the highest level of multimedia," he said, adding Russia has a well-known parity in exploration of the Arctic. "This is an achievement of many generations of our explorers, scientists, beginning from the Pomors, the explorers of the newest time and the heroes of the Soviet Northern Sea Route. Today, our contemporaries continue developing and studying the Russian Arctic."

The exposition opens by an exact copy of the tent, in which for 270 days was drifting the Ivan Papanin’s expedition, which featured also Petr Shirshov, Evgeny Fedorov and Ernst Krenkel. Inside the tent, the visitors will see what the explorers used: the kerosene stove, the equipment and outfit. Among the exhibits are a telegraph apparatus with Morse code, which the explorers used.

"Conquering of the Arctic continues nowadays, and thus the exhibition displays a modern tent, inside which the guests will see the technical means, outfit and equipment of the polar explorers who worked at the Borneo ice base," the park’s curator Viktoria Pavlenko said.

Among other objects, shown at the exhibition, there are equipment and belongings of the first Arctic expeditions’ members, and a yaranga - an example of traditional tents of reindeer skin, in which the North’s peoples live. A two-meter multimedia holography screen shows a picture of the night sky. The shimmering colors give an effect of the Northern Lights.

The Russian Arctic project was prepared by the Rosizo Museum-Exhibition Center jointly with the Russian Geographical Society, the Museum of Arctic and Antarctic, the Ethnography Museum, the State Archives, the Archive of Cinema and Photo, and Navy Archive and the Unions of philatelists and deltiologists. The exposition will be open from September 29, 2017 through to February 15, 2018.