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Groups in US have different agendas on Syria — Lavrov

Moscow hopes that US supporters of airstrikes in Syria will calm down, Russia's Foreign Minister said

VLADIVOSTOK, October 9. /TASS/. Moscow cannot see a common strategy in the U.S. establishment on Syria, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said "Voskresnoye Vremya" program on Channel One in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

"I believe, all this (that the U.S. is not interested in stabilizing the situation in Syria or it cannot fulfil its obligations - TASS) are parts of the U.S. position," he said. "This position consists of "patches" - there are many different groups, which have different agendas."

"Some are for returning to the Russia-U.S. agreements," he said. "In the brackets I am saying that group has insisted the International Syria Support Group, Russia and the U.S. have organized, was not dismissed."

"Moreover, yesterday (on October 6 - TASS) in Geneva was a meeting of the subgroups," he continued. "As you know, there are two subgroups: one on humanitarian issues, and the other on control over the ceasefire regime and probes into its breaches."

At the same time, the foreign minister continued, in Washington "there is a group of people, which claims the country should consider not only diplomatic methods, but also the methods, which would include use of force."

"Generally speaking, once again, we do not see a common strategy," Lavrov said.

'Hot heads' will be calmed down

Moscow hopes that US supporters of airstrikes in Syria will calm down, Sergey Lavrov told.

"I heard that this (possibility of delivering airstrikes at Syrian aerodromes) was voiced from Washington," Lavrov said. "Some anonymous sources leak infromation that the White House now plans to discuss different options, and that such option was allegedly voiced as well," he added. "I think that 'hot heads' will be calmed down there after all, and this matter will be treated seriously," the foreign minister noted. 0 sap

"What is comforting is the fact that, according to the same leaks but with rather reliable information, a whole number of leading officials in the US Administration understand very well that any attack at ground targets that represent facilities of the Syrian army, will be a flagrant violation of international law," Lavrov noted.

Russia’s diplomacy allies

Russia’s diplomacy has three allies in its anti-terrorist efforts: the aerospace force, the army and the navy, Sergey Lavrov said.

"Here we have diplomacy and several allies: the Russian aerospace force, army and navy," he said.

He warned against attempts to flirt with terrorists as the United States did under the Ronald Reagan administration in Afghanistan or its illegitimate intrusion in Iraq in 2003. Such attempts, in his words, only trigger further growth of extremism.

"The Reagan administration created Al Qaeda, the George Bush administration created Islamic State, and now the Barack Obama administration may come down in history as an administration which has helped strengthen one more terrorist structure - Jabhat al-Nusra (the tree are outlawed in Russia as terrorist organizations - TASS), which we don’t want to happen," Lavrov said.