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Russia’s Cognitive Pilot plans to scale up production of devices with AI

According to CEO of a Russian AI systems developer Olga Uskova, Cognitive Pilot found new sites in Tomsk

MOSCOW, January 2. /TASS/. Cognitive Pilot plans to create new industrial sites to produce computer units, video cameras and other devices for agricultural machinery, CEO of a Russian AI systems developer Olga Uskova told TASS.

The company is now producing the Cognitive Agro Pilot - an AI-based system of standalone control for agricultural machinery.

"We have a very pressing challenging - plant expansion and construction of new workshops. These are serious costs for the plant: we found new sites in Tomsk," the top manager said. "Two new shops are planned. While we have capacities for up to five thousand systems per year, we plan to produce up to fifty thousand systems annually after expansion," Uskova said.