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Army commander assures Russia’s advanced Armata tank has no rivals worldwide

The Russian tank troops are fully supplied with all the necessary armament and military hardware, Russia's Army Commander-in-Chief colonel-general says

MOSCOW, November 22. /TASS/. Russia’s advanced Armata tank currently under development is unique by many parameters and has no rivals in the world, Russian Army Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov said at a press briefing for foreign military attaches on Tuesday.

"The tests of the new-generation tank T-14 continue as part of the Armata R&D work. According to our estimate and in the opinion of foreign specialists, it has no analogs in the world," the Army chief said.

Russian tank troops "are fully supplied with all the necessary armament and military hardware," Salyukov said.

"Modernized tanks T-72B3 are currently arriving for the troops. Following the results of works that have been carried out, the ground forces have received actually a new tank with the basic characteristics close to the characteristics of modern foreign tanks and considerably surpassing them by the cost-efficiency criteria," the general said.

The efficiency and reliability of this armor was demonstrated at an annual Tank Biathlon contest during the International Army Games, he said.

Russia’s Army chief presented information specially for military attaches at the briefing about the state and the prospects of the Russian ground forces’ development. The event was attended by 106 representatives from 67 countries, including Finland, Norway, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others.