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Progress rocket center presents concept of artillery fire adjustment drone

The space rocket center Progress is part of the state corporation Roscosmos

PATRIOT PARK, Moscow Region, August 15. /TASS/. Space rocket center Progress has presented the concept of a future drone Foton-601 at the forum Army-2022.

The fixed wing aircraft-type drone is a joint product developed in cooperation with Samara University. It will be able to operate independently of navigation systems and find its bearings using technical vision. Among the tasks it will be capable of performing will be video monitoring of the terrain, transmission of information to the command post, guidance, and adjustment of aviation and artillery fire, and confirmation of targets’ destruction.

The drone has a take-off mass of 58 kg (including a 12-liter fuel tank), wingspan of 5 meters, maximum speed of 120-150 kilometers per hour, flight range of 1,000 km, and flight duration of up to 24 hours. The drone is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees below freezing to 45 degrees above freezing.

The space rocket center Progress is part of the state corporation Roscosmos. The international military-technical forum Army-2022 is running August 15 to August 21 at the Patriot exhibition center near Moscow. The event is organized by the Russian Defense Ministry.