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Russia, China to sign contract on AHL helicopter production shortly, says deputy PM

Maxim Akimov said noted that the situation is "absolutely cloudless"

BEIJING, November 7. /TASS/. The signing of the state contract with China on production of the Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) helicopter is expected in the near future after the Chinese side completes all formalities, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said Wednesday.

"The situation is absolutely cloudless here, we simply treat the Chinese side’s need to complete all formalities with respect. I expect that in the near future," he said, adding that "there are no unresolved issues on the agreement in the helicopter field."

The Russian-Chinese AHL (Advanced Heavy Lift) helicopter is being co-developed by Russian corporation Russian Helicopters and Chinese corporation AVIC. The machine will have a maximum takeoff weight of 38.2 tonnes, a service ceiling of 5,700 meters, a range of 630 kilometers and a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour. The AHL’s lifting capacity will stand at 10 tonnes for internal cargo carriage and at 15 tonnes for underslung cargo.