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Russian servicemen repel simulated militant attack during drills in Tajikistan

The drills completed a six-day tactical exercise which began on July 9

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. In drills held on Saturday, Russian mechanized infantry units, supported by rocket artillery and helicopters, have eliminated a simulated group of militants, who broke through the Tajik-Afghan border, Russia’s Central Miltiary District’s press service said.

"In line with the scenario of the exercise, reconnaissance units have located a group of advancing militants in makeshift armored cars, which broke through the state border with Afghanistan. Their coordinates were reported to crews of Mi-24 strike helicopters and servicemen operating Grad and Uragan multiple rocket launcher systems and automatic grenade launchers. When the strike was carried out, and small groups of retreating militants were blocked, the operation against the illegal armed formation was completed by mechanized infantry units driving BTR-82A armored vehicles. After that, the zone of responsibility was handed over to units of Republic of Tajikistan," the press service said.

The drills completed a six-day tactical exercise which began on July 9. According to earlier reports, the exercise involved over 3,200 personnel and about 800 pieces of military hardware and equipment.

Russia’s 201st military base, deployed in Tajikistan, is the country’s biggest military facility outside its borders. In line with an agreement signed in October 2012, Russian troops will stay in the country at least until 2042.