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Russia delivers a regular shipment of relief aid for Serbia’s flood-stricken regions

Serbia was hit by powerful floods in May this year. Thousands of people were left homeless

BELGRADE, August 31, /ITAR-TASS/. A Russian relief cargo arrived at a military airfield in Batajnica on Saturday night.

Serbia was hit by powerful floods in May this year. They caused numerous fatalities and inflicted great damage on Serbian agriculture and infrastructure. Thousands of people were left homeless. Russia was the first to send rescuers and relief aid to Serbia at the Serbian government’s request.

Serbian Defense Minister Bratislav Gasic met the cargo and the Russian military who had delivered it at the airport on Saturday.

“The natural disaster in Serbia that occurred in May caused numerous casualties. Many countries showed their sympathy and offered us help. During my visit to Moscow I met Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. We talked about the disaster and help, which we needed. We received what we needed ten days later,” Gasic stressed.

Gasic added that the current cargo was delivered as part of the relief aid which he had discussed with Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov at a conference in Moscow.

Another Russian Emergencies Ministry plane with relief aid is expected in Serbia on Sunday, August 31.

The Russian relief cargo will be dispatched to Krupanj and Obrenovac, the two Serbian municipalities which were worst hit by the disaster. Pumps and power generators will be sent to the Kolubara River where floods damaged electric power stations in May.