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Hungary believes Trump would be able to push Russia, Ukraine to talks — Foreign Minister

"We believe that peace will be given a chance in case of Trump’s victory," Peter Szijjarto added

BUDAPEST, July 10. /TASS/. Donald Trump’s potential victory in the US presidential election in November will mean a chance for peace in Ukraine, because Trump would be able to convince the sides of the conflict on the necessity to begin peace talks, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto opined.

"I believe that a very strong external influence would be necessary to make both sides at least begin the negotiations," the foreign minister, who accompanies Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the NATO summit in Washington, told Reuters. "Who will be able to do this in the upcoming period? Only ex-President Trump, should he get re-elected."

"We believe that peace will be given a chance in case of Trump’s victory. We also see a chance for establishment of better relations between the US and Hungary in this case," Szijjarto noted.

Previously, the Hungarian has repeatedly that the settlement in Ukraine would be possible only with involvement of the US and the EU, and it is Washington in particular that will have to play the main role, because it is Washington that provides the main military and financial aid to Kiev. At the same time, Hungarian representatives noted that they do not count on the current Biden Administration in this regard, because this Administration advocates further hostilities in Ukraine.