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Prime Minister of Slovakia shot by 71-year-old assailant — report

The man reportedly owned his weapon legally

BRATISLAVA, May 15. /TASs/. Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico was shot by a 71-year-old man, the JOJ TV channel reported.

Meanwhile, the website reported that the assailant comes from the city of Levice, located in the western part of the country. The man reportedly owned his weapon legally. Before taking the shot, the man yelled "Robo, get over here," media reports say.

The website reported, citing its sources, that the attacker is a writer from Levice named Juraj Cintula. Earlier this year, he established a literary club in Levice. Cintula authored several books.

Photos published online show the police interrogating the detained handcuffed assailant.

According to the Slovak media, Cintula adheres to liberal views and supports Slovak liberal opposition parties. Previously, he worked security at a shopping mall, where he was once beaten by a drug addict.