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Preliminary findings indicate Israel behind Isfahan attack — TV

According to the official, the claims that the strike was successful were untrue

CAIRO, January 30. /TASS/. Preliminary information points to Israel's involvement in the drone strike on a military plant in Iran’s Isfahan, Al-Jazeera cited a high-ranking Iranian official as saying.

"The first signs point to Israel's involvement in the terrorist attack in Isfahan. The investigation will continue," the Iranian official said. He also confirmed that the drones that attacked the military facility had most probably been launched from Iranian territory. Earlier, Al-Arabiya TV channel arrived at the same conclusion.

According to the official, the claims that the strike was successful were untrue. "The attack in Isfahan failed and Israeli propaganda sources are trying to conceal the failure," Al-Jazeera quotes him as saying.

Sources in the Western intelligence community told the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post that the attack on Isfahan was a huge success. There were four explosions at a facility of the Iranian Armed Forces and Defense Ministry and logistics center, where, according to the newspaper, the development of advanced weapons was in progress. Videos of the attack were uploaded to social networks. According to the newspaper, the impact was far more serious than the minor damage to the roof that Iran had mentioned.

Isfahan incident

On Sunday, the IRNA news agency reported that a large explosion occurred in the city of Isfahan, located in the central part of Iran, late Saturday. Later, the Defense Ministry said it was an unsuccessful drone attack on one of its centers. One UAV was shot down and the other two were caught in defense traps and exploded. No one was hurt, and only minor material damage was caused. The statement did not specify who, in Tehran’s view, was involved in the attack.