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Russia returns to grain deal after its demands met — Turkish leader’s spokesman

He underscored Turkey’s role in the resumption of Moscow’s participation in the deal

ANKARA, November 3. /TASS/. Russia returned to the grain deal after its demand for Ukraine's security guarantees for the grain corridor was granted, Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said on Thursday.

"We believe Russia got what it had demanded," Kalin was quoted as saying by the TPT television.

He underscored Turkey’s role in the resumption of Moscow’s participation in the deal.

"We’ve made a great diplomatic effort in the past three or four days - our defense minister, our foreign minister. Our president had a [phone] conversation with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin on Tuesday," the spokesman said.

Simultaneously, Ankara engaged in negotiations with Ukraine that "demonstrated a constructive attitude to the Russian side’s demands and expectations." In a conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky reiterated his commitment to the grain deal, Kalin said.

On October 29, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Moscow was suspending implementation of the agreement on exports of agricultural produce from Ukrainian ports after Ukraine had carried out a terrorist attack against the Black Sea Fleet ships and the civilian vessels employed to ensure security of the grain corridor.

On November 2, Russia decided to resume participation in the grain deal after Ukraine, through the mediation of the UN and Turkey, guaranteed in writing that it would not use the security corridor in the Black Sea for military purposes, the Russian Defense Ministry said. However, Moscow stated that they reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement if Kiev violates the guarantees. However, Moscow still does not see any progress regarding the second part of the agreement, which concerns removing any obstacles to the export of Russian fertilizers and grain.